Fire Safety Maintenance

Fire Detection System for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Specialising in the fire protection industry, Shivam Solution is operated with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry to bring the best fire detection systems and solutions to homes and businesses.

We install a variety of precautionary fire systems to ensure your safety:

  • Fire/Smoke Alarms
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Commissioning
  • Design

From an apartment complex to oil and gas sites, our expertise can handle any job. Our experience covers all aspects of fire detection systems ranging from conceptual proposals to detailed design, fabrication, and installation.

We provide complete support services on any fire protection system including routine servicing, testing and maintenance. Clients can trust us to provide turnkey solutions for their projects, which includes liaising with authorities, design, construction, project management and commissioning.

The work carried out by us is always in compliance with the guidelines set out by the NFPA & NBC. Contact us for all your fire precautionary requirements.

Scope of Work:


  1. Monthly Checking, Maintaining, and supervising existing Firefighting system.
  2. Monthly detail report of the Firefighting system submitting.
  3. Gland leakage checking of all fire pumps and rectification.
  4. All hydrant valves, hose-rill drum and other joint leakage checking, cleaning and rectification.
  5. All line valves, N.R.V., flow switch, alarm valve, air release valve — detail checking , maintenance and necessary rectification.
  6. Position, working condition, expiry date etc, checking of all extinguishers.
  7. Checking of water level of the reservoirs.
  8. Greasing of all fire pumps and motors.
  9. Fault checking and rectification of Fire Pump Panel.
  10. Welding leakage to be done on priority basis.
  11. Flashing of hydrant systems.
  12. Flashing of sprinkler system.
  13. Mock Test in presence of Security stuff.
  14. All pumps auto setting, checking and rectification.
  15. Presssure switch and Pressure Gauge checking.
  16. “Y” strainer cleaning.


  1. End loop line checking.
  2. Hooter/MCP line checking.
  3. AHU tripping checking and Maintenance.
  4. Dust cleaning of detector.
  5. Mock drill of whole Fire alarm and detection system.
  6. Any systems fault finding and rectification for smooth running of detection systems.