Gardening & Pest Control Services

Garden & Lawn Maintenance Service

  • Operations & management of daily schedules.
  • Periodic maintenance.
  • Renewal / replanting.
  • Improvement of aesthetics.
  • Periodic maturing & nutrition.
  • Periodic pesticide control.
  • Maintenance of indoor plants.
  • hard landscaping – footpaths, road surfaces, courtyard paving, steps to entrances, car parking areas, kerbs, edgings and pre-formed channels, fencing, gates and boundaries.
  • soft landscaping – grassed areas, horticultural works, office plants and flowers, cut flowers

Pest Management Service

  • General Pest Control: This involves spraying entire premises with pesticides with little or negligible odour and using gel treatment at the vulnerable places of roach infestation. Work will be carried out at weekends after office hours or at any time of your convenience.
  • Woodborer Treatment: We will carry-out intensive treatment on all the wood work with special odourless and non-toxic chemicals by spray and injection method followed by spot treatment as and when required.
  • white Ant Treatment: Drill holes between the joint of floors and walls of affected area and inject anti-termite formulation into the holes. These measures will be supplemented by check-up visits at regular intervals for inspection and necessary treatment and thereafter sealing the holes.
  • Rodent Control: This will be carried out by using nontoxic; odorless; glue boards, for trapping rats in the interiors.
  • Annual contract consisting of 3 treatments.
  • Single (one-time) treatment; convertible to annual contract with supplemental charges.
  • frequency of treatment as per requirement (based on inspection audit)